Why Nexus English?

There are many reasons to choose Nexus to learn English. We challenge you to find another English school in Myanmar that offers:

Native speakers
Small class sizes
Professionally qualified teachers
Reasonable prices
Scholarship opportunities
Modern facilities
Library and Reading Room

Native Speakers
If you want to speak English properly, you must learn from people who can speak English properly. You do not want to pay for someone to teach you how not to speak English. Poor pronunciation and systematic errors are difficult to unlearn, and can make you sound awkward and difficult to understand. Using outdated idioms and expressions might leave your listeners scratching their heads – it might even make them laugh. It is essential that you have exposure to, and receive feedback from, people who speak English properly in order to develop good pronunciation and correct grammar and word usage. All of our teachers speak English fluently and proficiently, and we have foreign teachers from countries such as Australia, the UK and the USA. Our teachers will provide you with a correct model of English so that you can learn to speak English properly.

Small class sizes
Nexus is committed to providing English classes of the highest standard, and part of this is ensuring that all students receive individual attention from their teachers. Adult class sizes are limited to a maximum of 16 students. This means that you will have the opportunity to ask your teacher questions, and also receive individual feedback about your strengths and weaknesses. It means that teachers have enough time to monitor each student, to assist with error correction, and provide personal guidance and advice to help you improve your language skills.

Professionally Qualified, Experienced Teachers
Learning a foreign language is not like learning to speak your mother tongue. Unless you are an infant, it can be difficult to pick up a second (or third) language without having a teacher to learn from... and the quality of the teacher will make a profound impact on how effectively you learn. Do you really want to spend your time and money on a teacher who uses techniques that are outdated, or just don’t work? Teaching is a skill that requires knowledge and understanding of how people learn, and the ability to apply techniques that effectively facilitate the learning process.

At Nexus, all of our teachers are professionally qualified and experienced, and their commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that we remain at the forefront when it comes to English-language teaching methodologies. Our teachers also specialise in teaching Myanmar learners, and are well acquainted with the errors most commonly made by Myanmar learners, and the techniques to correct them. All of our teaching staff have university degrees and internationally recognised English-teaching qualifications, and have taught at reputable organisations such as Wall Street and the British Council. For more information about our teachers, please see our Staff Profiles.

Reasonable prices
High-quality English lessons are often very expensive, and although there are many cheaper alternatives, often you will get just what you pay for. At Nexus, we believe that education is not ‘just a business’, and we aim to make English classes affordable without compromising on quality. We do our best to keep our fees reasonable while maintaining nothing but the highest standards of teaching. If you are enthusiastic about learning English, but are experiencing financial hardship, you can take advantage of our flexible payment plan. For information about flexible payment, please contact us to make an appointment. We also offer several scholarships each term and encourage you to consider applying. For information about scholarships, please click here.

Modern Facilities: Air-conditioned, 24-hour electricity
Our Teaching Centre is spacious and comfortable, with well-lit, air-conditioned rooms, and a generator to provide backup for electricity. This is to make sure you will always be in an optimal learning environment.

Library and Reading Room
All Nexus students are encouraged to borrow and read books from our library. Our library is stocked with books, magazines and other interesting materials, and is continually growing.

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