Tips for Students

Wherever and whatever you are studying, it is important for you to realize your responsibility as a student. Your teacher will provide you with knowledge and opportunities for improvement but your language skills will only improve if you work hard! Here are some tips to help you. Remember – it is up to the teacher to teach. It is up to the learner to learn.

  • Respect your teacher and fellow students. Your teacher puts a lot of time and effort into preparing fun and effective lessons for you – please take part in all activities and do as your teacher requests. Nexus is a place for learning and making new friends. There is no place for intolerance. Please respect your classmates and be polite to everyone, regardless of gender, age, race or religion.
  • Be punctual! Your teacher will begin the class at the scheduled time. Please show respect for your teacher and fellow students by getting to class on time.
  • Turn up! If you are absent for a class, ask your teacher what you missed and try to catch up.
  • Speak up! Confidence is key when speaking a foreign language and It’s okay to make mistakes – don’t worry about getting something wrong. Everyone is in class to learn and, if you make a mistake, your teacher will kindly correct you – that’s how we learn! If you don’t understand something – don’t be shy, just put your hand up and ask your teacher to either repeat himself or ask for further explanation or examples.
  • Do your homework! Homework is an essential element of your course and if you fail to complete it, you are not getting the most from your time. Your teacher may have planned activities or exercises around homework exercises so it’s important to make sure that you keep up to date. If you fail to hand in homework you may receive a
  • Be an active and responsible learner. You cannot learn a language passively! To be an active learner you need to do more than just turn up for class. You need to read English language books, watch English language movies, series, documentaries etc, song English songs, use a dictionary/thesaurus, do your homework, ask your teacher questions and most importantly – USE THE LANGAUGE! Speaking Myanmar in class will not help your English skills. Use English, with your teacher, your class-mates and even your friends and family. The more you practice, the better you will become. How fast you learn is completely up to you.
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