Frequently Asked Questions

The fees include Library Membership fee as well as material fees.

Except for the general basic level which has a local teacher, all classes are taught by qualified native speakers.

A child has to appear for the oral interview so that our native speaker teachers can find the right level course for him/her.

Before starting a class at Nexus, a student needs to sit for a level placement test. Its purpose is to place a student into the most appropriate class for them to make learning effective. Ideally it is best for a student to take a placement test as soon as possible to be able to get into a class of a nearest date.

Yes, each class is limited to only 16 students.

Nexus can also arrange special classes for individuals and for special groups with specific needs. Ask for an appointment or drop by to discuss with our Director of Studies for such classes.

We have classes not only during daytime but also during off office hours so that students can make their own choice.

No, we have both weekday and weekend sessions.

We have at least 4,one in January,another in April,another in July and the next in October.